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One Act Play Scripts

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Santa′s Christmas Carol

by Claire Scott

(Formerly "Every Single Day But One") Prize-winning comedy by Claire Scott for two women.

Comedy Suitable for Adult Groups


Saving Grace

by Les Clarke

Les Clarke's satire on the green movement for a cast of three men and three women. Contains dialogue that is lively and often non-PC, but very funny.

Comedy Suitable for Adult Groups


Scoundrels & Stratagems

by Ron Nicol

An hilarious modern take on and parody of Victorian melodrama.

Comedy Suitable for Adult Groups


Sing When You′re Winning

by Mark Rees

A musical comedy for a teenage cast with words by Mark Rees and music composed by Gordon Mundie.

Comedy Suitable for Youth Groups


Some Mother′s Son

by Mark Rees

Mark Rees' award-winning drama is set in a casualty clearing station in France during World War I. It was placed third in the Scott Salver 2001, and was described in Scene (June 2001) as "a good story well told, very evocative of the language and ethos of the period

Suitable for Adult Groups


Star Crossed

by Mark Rees

A challenging two-hander for two 17 year-old girls set in Belfast during the Troubles.

Drama Suitable for Youth Groups


Summer Of My Twentieth Year

by Mark Rees

A compelling drama by Mark Rees for one man and two women.

Drama Suitable for Adult Groups

Home » One Act Play Scripts