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Pantomime Scripts

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Peter Pan The Pantomime

by Houldershaw and Cartwright

A sparkling new pantomime version of the classic story by JM Barrie, featuring the familiar characters: Peter, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, Michael, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys, the Indians, and of course the evil Captain Hook. And some unfamiliar ones: Nana Smee (Dame) and two comedy duos, Rum & Coke (Pirates), and Chardonnay and Prosecco (Mermaids).

Suitable for All Groups


Puss In Boots

by Joy Davis

This vibrant new script is based on Charles Perraults 1697 tale Le Chat Botte (The Booted Cat). It follows the original closely but is bang up-to-date with topical references. The result is a well plotted traditional pantomime with funny lines, good characters and specially rewritten song lyrics.

Suitable for All Groups


Puss In Wellies

by Fred Aylin

The town of Bedlam is tyrannised by the dreadful double-headed Ogre, whose henchman Flashpoint and minions Spitfire & Messerschmidt operate a protection racket.

Suitable for All Groups

Home » Pantomime Scripts