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One Act Play Scripts

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Last Post, The

by Jill Sumner

A World War I drama written by Jill Sumner and first directed by her in the 1998 production at the Swallow Theatre Whithorn.

Drama Suitable for Adult Groups


Licensed To Thrill

by Simon Rayner Davis

Simon Davis's hilarious spoof version of the Bond 007 movies is full of clever word-play and appalling puns, and features Jimmy Blond, Miss Funny-Money, O and A (Eh?), and a motley assortment of villains including Mister Small and Mister Big.

Comedy Suitable for All Groups


Life of George

by Dave Buchanan

(Previous title Evergreen) George McWilliam, philosopher, wit and raconteur, is in love. The trouble is, he's seventy five years old, while the object of his affections, Rosie, is a mere forty. Is he up to the challenge? Follow George's adventures with his sidekick Willie, in this sequel to Doon The Watter. The play features parodies of classic Marx Brothers and Astaire/Rogers movies.

Comedy Suitable for Adult Groups


Lilies That Fester

by Brian Freeland

A suspenseful drama about witchcraft for five men and two women and set in a modern Scottish manse. From the short story by Christopher Rush

Drama Suitable for Adult Groups



by Dave Buchanan

An historical drama about Mary, Queen of Scots, and her imprisonment on the forbidding island fortress of Lochleven in 1567.

Drama Suitable for Adult Groups



by Mark Edwards

The drama speculates on what might have happened following the mysterious disappearance of Lord Lucan in 1974.

Drama Suitable for Adult Groups

Home » One Act Play Scripts