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Edge, The

by Ron Nicol published 2007


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

A suspenseful and emotionally charged two-hander for two teenagers on the difficult subject of teenage suicide.


A young man is on the roof of a high building, contemplating throwing himself over the edge. A young woman finds him there and initiates a conversation, but her readiness to slip into fantasies sounds a warning note. The young man eventually leaves the roof, apparently having come to terms with his difficulties - but the girl is fixated with death, and finally does what she had planned to do all along.


Players: 1 Male, 1 Female Parts (Teenagers)




Sets: A flat roof of a high building


Period: Present Day


Running Time: 35 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Edge, The


ISBN: 1-904930-83-2


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Edge, The