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Star Crossed

A Drama
by Mark Rees published 2006


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

A challenging two-hander for two 17 year-old girls set in Belfast during the Troubles.


It is Belfast, in 1980. Two young girls from opposite sides of the religious divide meet at a community project to read a play: William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet". Elizabeth is Protestant; Bernadette is Catholic and in a wheelchair. Their relationship, stormy at first, gradually matures as they read. Throughout, the play resonates with their own situation. But is their friendship doomed too, like that of the 'star-crossed lovers'?


Players: 2 Girls, chorus


Cast: Bernadette, Elizabeth, Chorus of Soldiers


Sets: A Street in Belfast


Period: 1980


Running Time: 35 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Star Crossed


ISBN: 1-904930-80-8


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Star Crossed