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Home » One Act Play Scripts » Blues Sisters, The

Blues Sisters, The

A Comedy
by Mark Rees published 2006


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

A comedy with music by Mark Rees for a large cast of teenagers (fifteen, plus four parts for younger children). The script is lively, inventive and very funny.


When Madame Chantelle's School of Dance and Deportment is threatened with closure by evil property developer Barnaby Sludge, Maddy, Becky and Annie are transformed into 'The Blues Sisters', take on the crooks and save the day, helped by the neighbourhood kids and an unlikely quartet called the Four Swans.


Players: 8 Boys, 11 Girls




Sets: Various


Period: Present Day


Running Time: 40 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Blues Sisters, The


ISBN: 1-904930-79-4


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Blues Sisters, The