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Lilies That Fester

A Drama
by Brian Freeland published 2005


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

A suspenseful drama about witchcraft for five men and two women and set in a modern Scottish manse. From the short story by Christopher Rush


The Reverend Erskine has the ancient kirk Session House demolished and replaced with a lily pond. During the demolition work, workmen uncover seven skeletons, one of them a headless legless torso. We discover that the Minister's wife had died in mysterious circumstances; he himself is convinced that the site has an evil presence. This suspicion is confirmed when the goldfish die and the flowers wither in the lily pond. Further revelations follow: the skeletons were buried in unhallowed ground, and the headless torso was one of the Minister's ancestors, convicted of witchcraft ...


Players: 5 Male, 2 Female Parts


Cast: Rev Erskine, Robert Erskine, Sandy Munro, James Gourlay, DI Melville, Alice, Mrs Cargill


Sets: A room in the Manse


Period: Present Day - Summer


Running Time: 40 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Lilies That Fester


ISBN: 1-904930-58-1


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Lilies That Fester