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A Drama
by Mark Rees published 2005


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

Mark Rees's poignant and at times disturbing account 0f under-age soldiers in the Great War.


The story of a group of teenagers in 1915, and how they react to pro-war propaganda and peer-group pressure to join up despite being under age. The play also looks at the doomed love affair of two 16 year-olds, Emily and Tom, and the scandal of indifferent politicians.


Players: 7 Boys, 4 Girls


Cast: Maggie, Emily, Billy, Tom, Grace, Alice, Edward, Robert, John, Sir Arthur Markham, Mr Tennant


Sets: A public park


Period: A hot summers day, 1915


Running Time: 40 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Remembrance


ISBN: 1-904930-53-0


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Remembrance