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by Mark Rees published 2001


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

Mark Rees' award-winning play is a futuristic, involving drama for teenagers with overtones of Big Brother.


The action takes place in a 'Teen Camp' of the future, where teenagers are sent by the government to learn how to be "better human beings". The characters reflect on their lives and yearn for "something better" on the outside. Inspired by one of their number, Voice Six, they plan a break-out. But is Voice Six genuine, or a Government infiltrator?


Players: 14 M/F Parts Plus 1 Musician


Cast: Narrators 1 and 2, Voices 1-10, The Musician, Guards 1 and 2


Sets: An open stage with rostra and two flats


Period: 2055


Running Time: 35 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Teen-People


ISBN: 1-904930-29-8


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Teen-People