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Some Mother′s Son

by Mark Rees published 2002


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

Mark Rees' award-winning drama is set in a casualty clearing station in France during World War I. It was placed third in the Scott Salver 2001, and was described in Scene (June 2001) as "a good story well told, very evocative of the language and ethos of the period


When a murder is committed by a soldier in the line, a captain is sent to a casualty clearing station to investigate. The murderer convinces a young private, who is on his deathbed, to take the rap for him. A young nurse finds out the truth but isn't sure what to do. A tale with twists and turns set against a backdrop of the carnage of war.


Players: 4 Male, 5 Female 2 M/F Parts


Cast: Lucy, The Sister, The Matron, Nurses 1 & 2, The Corporal, The Private, The Captain, A Blind Soldier, 2 Stretcher Bearers


Sets: A composite with three areas representing a hospital, the matron′s office, and a court-martial.


Period: 1916


Running Time: 50 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Some Mother′s Son


ISBN: 1-904930-28-X


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Some Mother′s Son