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Sing When You′re Winning

A Comedy
by Mark Rees published 2002


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

A musical comedy for a teenage cast with words by Mark Rees and music composed by Gordon Mundie.


It's Cup Final Day, and the Blinkthorpe Trophy is up for grabs. The girls of Eckleston United are geared up ready for the titanic struggle. Unfortunately their goalie, Mandy, has been nicked for shoplifting. And that's only for starters. Join manager Billy, coach Anita, and the girls in their quest for glory. Will they triumph despite overwhelming odds? And who are Bernie and Beryl?


Players: 17 Teenagers, 13 Girls, 4 Boys


Cast: Anita, Mel, Sarah, Sharon, Rachel, Tracy, Lizzy, Maggie, Alice, Haley, Cath, Bernie, Beryl, Billy, Michael, Spike, George


Sets: A football dressing room, a dugout.


Period: The Present


Running Time: 45 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Sing When You′re Winning


ISBN: 1-904930-27-1


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Sing When You′re Winning