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Mrs Worthington′s Daughters

A Comedy
by Mark Rees published 2004


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

Mark Rees's prize-winning satire on fame and modern society's obsession with it.


Melanie is a 16 year old teenager determined to succeed in show business at all costs. With her mate Tracy she enters the sleazy world of celebrity, talent shows and agents. When she fails and Tracy succeeds (at a price), Melanie tries to withdraw from the rat-race but cannot, with tragic consequences. With four main parts and ten choral parts, the play is ideal for a teenage cast.


Players: 2 Male, 3 Female, 10 M/F Parts - (Teenagers)


Cast: Melanie, Tracy, Voices 1 & 2, Paparazzi Voices 1-8, Pandora, The Agent, Jake


Sets: Composite


Period: The Present


Running Time: 35 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Mrs Worthington′s Daughters


ISBN: 1-904930-42-5


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Mrs Worthington′s Daughters