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Killing Time

A Drama
by Liz Niven published 1990


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

Modern/historical drama for youth


This play tells the story of a family on holiday in present day Wigtown, south of Scotland. The children discover the story of the Wigtown Martyrs, an old lady and a young girl who were drowned at the stake on Wigtown sands in 1685. During this century, at least 93 people were executed for their religious beliefs. Many Presbyterians would not sign a declaration which agreed with the 'Divine Right of Kings' which placed the monarchy above God. The children re-enact the events leading up to the martyrdom in a series of flashbacks, or was it an amazingly realistic dream? The events are told in an accessible Scots, the language of Galloway past and present.


Players: 2 Male, 4 Female, 3 M/F Parts


Cast: Margaret/Maggie Wilson, Agnes/Aggie Wilson, Thomas/Tam Wilson, 16 years old, Gilbert/ Mr Wilson, Mrs Wilson, Margaret McLaughlan, Covenanters 1, 2, 3


Sets: Interior of an old uninhabited cottage


Period: Present Day / 1690


Running Time: 35 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Killing Time


ISBN: 1-904930-22-0


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Killing Time