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Friends & Neighbours

A Drama
by Ron Nicol published 2005


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

A modern teenage drama with overtones of 'West Side Story'.


Set in a Scottish city, the play describes the attitudes of and tensions within a teenage gang. Fraser, the leader of the gang, has a tendency to violence and racism, whereas Rab, influenced by his new girl-friend Delia, is trying very hard to moderate his behaviour.The other two members, Bugs and Lexy, Rab's ex girl-friend, tend to go with the flow. Matters come to a head when Frazer, Bugs and Lexy assault an immigrant and Fraser knifes him. When he is pursued by the police, Fraser is convinced that Rab has 'shopped' him and goes after him for revenge ...


Players: 3 male 2 female


Cast: Fraser, Bugs, Lexy, Rab, Delia


Sets: A Scottish City


Period: Modern


Running Time: 45 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Friends & Neighbours


ISBN: 1-904930-47-6


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Friends & Neighbours