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Scarlet Pumpernickel, The

by Dave Buchanan published 2004


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

Scarlet Pumpernickel, The A hilarious new script set against the background of the French Revolution Join Percy Breakneck & chums in their adventures as they seek to thwart baddy Citizen Chauvelin's evil plans!


The villagers of Saucissons-sur-Mer are shocked when Citizen Chauvelin threatens to ban their beloved pastime of boules unless they turn over the Scarlet Pumpernickel. When Chauvelin arrests heroine Simone de Boudoir, hero Percy Breakneck plus the Three Fops, dame Mimi Blancmange and Mayor Gaston Legroom devise a cunning rescue plan. The Chateau where Simone is held is (allegedly) haunted, and the scene is set for a denouement full of thrills and comic horror.


Players: 4 Male, 3 Female, 7 M/F Parts


Cast: Percy Breakneck, Countess Simone de Boudoir, Citizen Chauvelin, Citizen Chevrolet, Citizen Michelin, Gaston Legroom, Mimi Blancmange, Fifi, Alphonse Picquet (Alfie), Colette, Charlie Ffoulkes, Bertie Fopp, Freddy Fortescue,Duc de Montmartre, Guards 1 & 2 


Sets: 3 Main Sets


Period: France, 1793


Running Time: 2 hours


Notes: Production notes inc FX and musical numbers suggested.


Download Sample Script: Scarlet Pumpernickel, The


ISBN: 1-904930-00-X




From the very first moment, the audience was entertained by a traditional panto with a new angle.. . .it was full of laughs, thrills and lots of audience participation.
Darlington & Stockton Times,


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Scarlet Pumpernickel, The