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Robin Hood & the Babes in Verse

by Dave Buchanan published November 2019


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

The plot combines the Babes-lost-in-the-forest story with the Robin Hood legend. Musical highlights include parody lyrics of songs by Abba, Village People and The Sound Of Music. The comedy comes thick and fast with the comedy hitmen and Robin's motley crew of Men in Tights. Plus, a really villainous Sheriff. And an unforgettable Dame!


The Babes come to visit their uncle, the Sheriff of Nottingham, little suspecting that he is planning their demise. But never fear, help is at hand! - in the shape of Robin and his Merry Men, plus Lady Marian, and Nanny Dame Dannii (with two Is).


Players: 5 male 6 female 3 male or female


Cast: Ellen A-Dale,Sheriff of Nottingham, Gumption, Astrid, Tootsie, Tommy, Teenie, Dame Dannii, Lady Marian, Big John, Little Joan, Robin Hood, Syd Sludge, Cecily Potts, Mutch the Miller


Sets: Village, Sherwood Forest, Nottingham Castle


Period: English mediaeval


Running Time: 2 hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Robin Hood & the Babes in Verse


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Robin Hood & the Babes in Verse