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Four More Mini-Pantos

A Mini-Panto
by Peter Bond published March 2019


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

The sequel to Four Mini-Pantos. As before, these may be performed individually, in pairs, or all together as an evening's entertainment.


Aladdin starts off in the traditional way, with the usual cast: Aladdin (who Is a window cleaner), Widow Twankey, Abanazar, and Genie of the Lamp. The problem is the Princess, who is dedicated to things green and recycling. All of this leads to a quite unexpected ending. Babes in the Wood. The plot is familiar, with all the familiar characters: Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Nurse, Sheriff and King Richard. But these are no ordinary Babes... Beauty & the Beast tells the story of the merchant who intrudes into the Beast's palace, steals a rose, and is punished for his hubris: he must bring back to the Palace the first person or animal he meets. This is of course his daughter Beauty. So far so traditional but don't expect the traditional ending! Likewise with Snow White. The evil Queen is obsessed with being the most beautiful, and does not take to being told she is no. 2 in the beauty stakes. Snow White, fearing for her life, takes refuge with the Seven Dwarfs. She is a fitness and diet fanatic and when she finds out what the Dwarfs have been eating, she is not impressed. Meanwhile the Queen has been preparing a special apple..


Players: Various


Cast: ALADDIN Emperor, Empress, Aladdin, Widow Twankey, Abanazar, Genie of the Lamp, Princess BABES IN THE WOOD King Richard, Maid Marian, Robin Hood, Nurse, Sheriff, Ben, Lily BEAUTY & THE BEAST Beast, Stinkweed, Merchant, Beauty SNOW WHITE Narrator, Snow White, Queen, Huntsman, You, Youtoo, Me, Metoo, He, Hehe, Confused


Sets: Various


Period: Mythical


Running Time: Average of 20 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Four More Mini-Pantos


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Four More Mini-Pantos