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Snow White In Verse

A Mini-Panto
by Dave Buchanan published December 2017


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 4.00

Snow White In Verse (A mini-panto in rhyming couplets) The plot is based on the original Brothers Grimm fairytale and borrows from the classic Disney movie of the same name. It features Snow White, the evil Queen, and the comic duo of Mavis Goodbody and Walter Wimpole (who is not a Wally!); plus a prince modelled on Lord Flashheart, and a hip Dwarf called Coolio.


When Princess Snow White returns from finishing school, her stepmother, the evil Queen Belladonna, is jealous of her beauty and plots her demise. After an assassination attempt in the forest, she is rescued by seven vertically challenged persons, and further aided by the gallant Prince Charlie and outrageous dame Mavis Goodbody.


Players: 2 female 11 male/female


Cast: Oddjob, Queen Belladonna, Wally Wimpole, Mavis Goodbody, Snow White, Prince Charlie, Bossy, Cheery, Grouchy, Simon, Lofty, Lenny, Coolio


Sets: Various, including the palace, forest and cottage


Period: Fairy tale


Running Time: 40 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Snow White In Verse


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Snow White In Verse