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Humpty Dumpty

by Craig Hewlett published May 2016


Suitable for All Groups

Price: £6.00

Craig Hewlett and Peter Nolan's inventive reimagining of Nursery Rhyme Land will delight all lovers of pantomime with its mix of song, spectacle and comedy.


The Kingdom of Nursery Rhymes is under constant threat from the evil Rhyme Catcher who kidnaps and disposes of all the rhymes that parents no longer read to their children. Only Humpty Dumpty is able to keep him out of the kingdom with his constant vigil from his seat upon the wall. With the elections for new rulers to replace Old King Cole and the Queen of Hearts about to take place the Rhyme Catcher blasts Humpty from the wall with a magical storm and kidnaps the Princess Mary-Mary. With help from the Grand Old Duke of York and his army Humpty and Miss Muffet embark on a mission to rescue her from the Rhyme Catcher's evil Kingdom of Doors. It is Dame Growbag (the Old Woman who lived in a shoe) however, who has all the hilarious surprises up her ample sleeves!


Players: 4 male 3 female 5 male or female


Cast: The Rhyme Catcher, The Rhyme Reader,The Rhyme Writer, Old King Cole, The Queen of Hearts, Dame Cheryl Growbag, Mary-Mary, The Grand Old Duke of York, Sergeant Shouldersback, Private Sweetcheeks, Miss Muffet, Humpty Dumpty Minor Principal Parts Little Boy Blue, Goblins, The Fiddlers


Sets: Scene ¬Ěvarious: Nursery Rhyme Land, a bedroom, a forest, and the Kingdom of Doors


Period: Whenever


Running Time: 2 hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Humpty Dumpty


ISBN: 978-1-907307-89-8


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Humpty Dumpty