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Mickey Moon & the Mushroom Mountain

A Drama
by Frank Gibbons published March 2016


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

A new sci-fi play for youth groups by Frank Gibbons, Commended in the 2015 Play On Words Competition.


Shortly after landing on a newly discovered moon, the crew of a galaxy survey craft find themselves taken captive by a group of primitive islanders. When the space travellers are subsequently threatened with incarceration in the dreaded Pipes of Pain, their prospects look decidedly gloomy. This sombre situation isresolved happily, however, when resourceful Mickey Moon sheds a little light on things.


Players: 4 male 3 female 15 male or female


Cast: Mickey Moon, Captain, Professor, Doctor, Keeper, Mrs Keeper, Patchy, 4 Guards, 2 Fishers, 2 Snarrly Monsters, 2 Bad Backs, Giant moth, 4 additional Bad Backs


Sets: A remote, mountainous planet


Period: The future


Running Time: 45 minutes


Notes: Production Notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Mickey Moon & the Mushroom Mountain


ISBN: 978-1-907307-84-3


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Mickey Moon & the Mushroom Mountain