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Threes a Crowd

A Comedy
by Ron Nicol published March 2016


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

A very modern comedy about dating and texting for four young actors, three female and one male.


Tim has brought Tania to the pub to propose to her, but Tania is more interested in texting her friend Tilly. Barmaid Tamara decides to take a hand. Things come to a head. Tilly arrives, Tim takes a stand, Tania storms out - and Tamara takes charge. No problem.


Players: 1 male 3 female


Cast: Tim, Tania, Tamara, Tilly


Sets: A pub


Period: Modern


Running Time: 35-40 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied.


Download Sample Script: Threes a Crowd


ISBN: 978-1-907307-85-0


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Threes a Crowd