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Licensed To Thrill

A Comedy
by Simon Rayner Davis published November 2015


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 4.00

Simon Davis's hilarious spoof version of the Bond 007 movies is full of clever word-play and appalling puns, and features Jimmy Blond, Miss Funny-Money, O and A (Eh?), and a motley assortment of villains including Mister Small and Mister Big.


Jimmy Blond, special agent of M.Hi.5, is sent on a deadly mission to the Scottish Glens to rescue a diplomat called Stan Dandy-Liver from the clutches of two criminal gangs called NORTEE and NICE. The denouement at the Mystery Moustache Ball in the McHilton Hotel features exploding cakes and M.Hi.5's ultimate weapon - bomb-proof underpants!


Players: 9 male 6 female


Cast: Miss Funny-Money, Jimmy Blond, A, O, Darling, Glenn McGlenn McGlenne, Glen Glenda McGlenn, Mister Small, Stan Dandy-Liver, Tatto, Flirtatious, Mister Big, Scaramouche, Audacious, Domino


Sets: An office and a reception desk


Period: Modern


Running Time: 40 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Licensed To Thrill


ISBN: 978-1-907307-82-9


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Licensed To Thrill