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A Comedy
by Claire Scott published July 2014


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

A lively new comedy by Claire Scott set in a doctor's waiting-room and a pub, where three couples reflect on the joys and angst of parenthood.


Life is a rollercoaster, as the song says, and one of the bumpiest parts, literally, is impending parenthood. Expecting a baby makes you think, about the world, about life, about yourself. As three couples prepare for a new arrival they find themselves looking back over the events of their own lives and the choices they made that brought them to this point. Through encounters in a pub and a doctor's waiting room, the six parents-to-be share their thoughts and experiences as they explore pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood from their own unique perspectives. Young and old, rich and poor, married and unmarried, as they each face their own due dates happy memories mix with sad and even tragic ones as each person comes to terms with their own fears and shortcomings.


Players: 3 male 4 female


Cast: Chloe, Gwen, Julie, Darren, Phil, Barry, Receptionist/Barmaid


Sets: Doctors waiting-room, bar


Period: Present


Running Time: 55 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Bumps


ISBN: 978-1-907307-69-0