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The Chimes

A Drama
by Ron Nicol published April 2014


Suitable for All Groups

Price: £4.00

The Chimes is the second in the series of Christmas Books written by Charles Dickens between 1945 and 1848.


One New Year's Eve, Trotty Veck is filled with gloom at reports in the newspaper about crime and immorality, and wonders if the working class is wicked by nature. Encounters with Alderman Cute and MP Joseph Bowley make Trotty's daughter Meg and her fiance Richard doubtful about their forthcoming marriage. When Trotty meets homeless vagrant Will Fern and his orphaned niece Lilian, he offers them his hospitality. That night Trotty is summoned to the church by the Bells, who in a series of visions show him how dismal his future might be. In despair, Trotty confesses to all his doubts. He wakes to find that the visions are only dreams, and that the New Year has dawned happily.


Players: 8 male 5 female


Cast: Toby "Trotty" Veck, Margaret "Meg" Veck, Richard, Alderman Cute, Mr Filer, Sir Joseph Bowley, Lady Bowley, Mr Fish, Tugby, Will Fern, Lilian Fern, older Lilian, Mrs. Anne Chickenstalker, Spirits


Sets: Various simple sets


Period: London in the 1840s


Running Time: 50 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: The Chimes


ISBN: 978-1-907307-63-8


Home » One Act Play Scripts » The Chimes