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A Drama
by Dominic Parford published March 2013


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: £5.00

Why do we pretend? This is just one of many questions raised by a group of friends as they prepare for a fancy dress party.


Chris and Maria, a seemingly perfect couple, are soon to be married. And like all soon-to-be-married couples they feel they should play matchmakers to two of their respective friends: Jo, a self-help author in need of help, and Chloe, a well-meaning yet naive bundle of rainbows and kittens disguised as a woman. Will they get together? Should they get together? Find out in Action!, a new one-act comedy about movies, snacks, self-analysis and dressing up your personality, giving a whole new meaning to the term role play.


Players: 3 male 2 female


Cast: Maria, an actress engaged to Chris. 
Chris, engaged to Maria. 
Jo,  self-help author and friend of Chris. 
Chloe, Marias very polite friend. 
David,  Chris  s other best friend, a bit rough around the edges. 
Elderly man or woman, who has seen it all. 
Pizza Delivery man or woman, overly cheerful but doesnt know a great deal of English


Sets: A living room with a working door and outside corridor


Period: Present


Running Time: 80 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Action!


ISBN: 978-1-907307-51-5