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Flash Gordon The Panto

by Alan Christison published February 2013


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

You've seen the movie and heard the Queen soundtrack, now enjoy Alan Christison's hilarious new pantomime version of the screen classic! You'll encounter familiar faces like Flash and Dale and their adversary, Emperor Ming the Merciless; then some new ones: Dame Aerial Gordon (Flash's Mum), the eccentric Professor Blastoff and a very funny comic duo, local fishwives Ellie and Nellie.


Emperor Mings evil plan is to cancel Christmas, Easter and Love, so he kidnaps Santa, Easter Bunny and Cupid. Meanwhile Flash is having problems proposing to Dale. When both of them rush to save Santa & Co, assisted by his Mum and Professor Blastoff, they are themselves captured by Mings ally and former girlfriend, the Bird Queen, on Planet Mongo. Can Flash save the Universe and manage to pop the question? You bet he can!


Players: 4 male 5 female 3 male or female


Cast: Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Emperor Ming, Dame Aerial Gordon, Kevin, Professor Blastoff,Ellie & Nellie, Bird Queen, Santa, Health & Safety Bloke, Air Hostess, Airport Security Bloke, Minister, MC


Sets: High Street, kitchen, Mings palace


Period: The future


Running Time: 2 hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Flash Gordon The Panto


ISBN: 978-1-907307-50-8


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Flash Gordon The Panto