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Home » One Act Play Scripts » Its Not The Same Without Norman

Its Not The Same Without Norman

A Comedy
by Jane Lockyer Willis published October 2012


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

What does Joseph, an upmarket stable and the Christmas Star have in common with a housewife, an errant husband and a friend who cant cook meringues? See what happens when Bethlehem comes to suburbia. Set in present day England, this is an ideal one act comedy for Christmas.


Its the Christmas season and Gillian is missing her errant husband Norman, who has walked out on her without explanation. Prone to fantasies, she transforms her bedroom into a stable, casts her husband as a shepherd, Normans girlfriend, Linda as a wise woman, and uses Joseph as the arbitrator to oversee this imaginary get-together. Although there are arguments, back stabbings and recriminations the meeting ends with a reconciliation in sight. However, when Gillians husband unexpectedly telephones the next day, her fantasies set to work once more. The play ends with her grasp on reality being further questioned.


Players: 2 male 2 female


Cast: Gillian - 50s, mousy. Prone to fantasies. Linda - 30s/40s, well dressed, self-centred, brittle. Norman - 50s, smartly dressed, blustery, fairly insensitive Joseph - 30s/40s, gentle, unassuming


Sets: A living room


Period: Modern


Running Time: 35 minutes


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Its Not The Same Without Norman


ISBN: 978-1-907307-46-1


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Its Not The Same Without Norman