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The Canterville Ghost

A Drama
by Peter Bond published October 2012


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: £6.00

Based on the humorous story by Oscar Wilde, which mingles humour with the macabre and illustrates the cultural differences between the Old World and the New, this dramatisation can be played as a one-act straight play or as a musical in two acts. The songs use tunes by Sullivan for the English characters and American tunes (by Stephen Foster and others) for the American characters.


The Otis family from Massachusetts buy Canterville Chase, a British stately home whose owner has fallen on hard times. But they didn't know that a ghost was included in the sale. The ghost tries to scare the new owners, but they don't take him seriously: Mrs Otis cleans off the immovable¬Ě bloodstain and offers him oil for his chains; Mr Otis offers him cough medicine; and the two Otis boys set booby traps for him. It is Virginia, the daughter of the family, who has attracted the amorous attention of the young Duke of Cheshire, who finds a way to give the ghost the rest (and death) he has longed for.


Players: 7 male 5 female


Cast: Sir Simon de Canterville (the Ghost) Lady Eleanore de Canterville (non-speaking part) Mr Umney, the butler Mrs Umney, the housekeeper Thomas, a servant Catherine, a servant Hiram B. Otis, an American politician and writer Mrs Lavinia Otis, his wife Virginia Otis, their daughter, aged 17 Washington Otis, their son, aged about 14 Jefferson Otis, their son, aged about 13 The Duke of Cheshire, aged 17


Sets: The interior of Canterville Chase


Period: Late Victorian


Running Time: 2 hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: The Canterville Ghost


ISBN: 978-1-907307-41-6


Home » Full Length Play Scripts » The Canterville Ghost