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Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

by Simon Rayner Davis published May 2012


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

This very funny version of the well known Grimms fairy tale is a traditional family pantomime that will appeal to everyone of all ages and can be as elaborately or simply staged as local companies facilities allow. The author has also incorporated songs with specially rewritten lyrics to enhance the plot that can be used as appropriate although groups can equally choose their own songs. "Simon Rayner Davis has sensibly kept things simple and produced a script that has the perfect balance of originality and tradition." - Amateur Stage, Jan 2013


Queen Belladonna, King Archibalds second wife is extremely vain and everyday checks with her magic mirror to ensure she is the most beautiful. All goes well until one day her magic mirror tells her that Snow White, King Archibalds daughter, has now become the most beautiful. Belladonna immediately instructs Scratch and Sniff, her incompetent servants, to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. Fortunately Snow White escapes and finds a safe haven in the Dwarfs cottage, and they agree to look after her. Belladonna goes in disguise and gives Snow White a poison apple but, will she recover when Prince Rupert, King Archibald and the Dame, Nurse Knick-Knack find her? What do you think!


Players: 3 male 3 female 10 male or female


Cast: King Archibald, Queen Belladonna, Snow White, the Kings daughter, Prince Rupert, Percival Potts, the chamberlain, Nurse Knick-Knack, Dame, Scratch & Sniff, comic duo, Prologue.
THE DWARFS: Prof, Grouchy, Cheery, Blushful, Snoozy, Snotty, Dipstick
Garkon, Waiter, Waitress, Chef, Mirror, (voice over)


Sets: Castle Whatnot, the Forest of Dingley Dell, the dwarfs cottage


Period: Fairytale


Running Time: 2 hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs


ISBN: 978-1-90737-38-6


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs