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A Comedy
by Jane Lockyer Willis published April 2012


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

Walkies A heart-warming comedy on the theme of loneliness about two people from different backgrounds who meet by chance in the woods.


Conventional, middle-aged Jen goes for her daily walk in the nearby woods and meets Steve, a straight-talking vagrant. He invites her back to his home, a large cardboard box set among a clump of fir trees shortly to be felled. Hesitant, but desperately wanting to widen her horizons, Jen accepts; and so develops a bond between two people whose backgrounds are widely different. But there are questions: why does Steve insist that she owns a dog when she insists that she does not? Are things really as they seem? Or has Steve an agenda that Jen knows nothing about... until that is, she looks deep into the corner of his box. A play with bite!


Players: 2 male 1 female


Cast: Jen, Steve, Woodcutter


Sets: A woodland, Steves place


Period: Present


Running Time: 30 minutes


Notes: Production notes provided


Download Sample Script: Walkies


ISBN: 978-1-907307-40-9