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Sleeping Beauty

by Stephen Curtis published March 2012


Suitable for All Groups

Price: Ł6.00

This new version of the old tale is guaranteed not to send anyone to sleep. Its witty and original take on the old story, in which traditional humour is intercut with drama and romance, will keep children enthralled, keep the adults in the audience entertained, and give the cast something to get their teeth into.


In the Kingdom of Avonia, not much can happen without the help of the Royal Fairies. They provide the bickering King and Queen with a beautiful baby daughter, and when the wicked Black Fairy curses the little girl, they soften its effect so that instead of dying she will sleep for a hundred years. This is not good enough for the King. He doesn’t want to wait a hundred years. He decides to banish the Fairies and save the Princess in his own way. But his methods make the Princess bored and unhappy ... until a handsome prince arrives on her sixteenth birthday. Nor can her fate be avoided. The Fairies are summoned back to send the whole court to sleep. A hundred years later, the handsome Prince awakes and, with the help of the Fairies, awakens the Princess so all ends happily.


Players: 4 male 7 female 5 male or female


Cast:  King Septimus of Avonia, Lord Chamberlain, Court Composer, Queen Matilda, Josephine, Royal Postman, Red Fairy, White Fairy, Blue Fairy, Damn & Blastit, Black Fairy, Royal Vicar, Princess Kia-ora, Prince Hector, Princess Leonora


Sets: Production notes supplied


Period: Mythical


Running Time: 2 hours


Download Sample Script: Sleeping Beauty


ISBN: 978-1-907307-37-9


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Sleeping Beauty