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Cinderellas Time Out

A Comedy
by Jane Lockyer Willis published July 2011


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 4.00

Jane Lockyer Willis delightful new take on the classic fairytale.


Cinderella yearns for a new life without straight roads and predictable endings. Abandoning the story and the doting Prince Charming, she travels the world seeking her independence. Meanwhile the Prince, now at a loose end, meets Bo Peep. She temporarily fills the emotional gap, and together they set up home at his parents palace. Cinderella finally returns to live with her ugly sisters, now kind and loving, owing to the positive influence of a new, innovative Fairy Godfather. Worried that Cinderellas behaviour has influenced other fairytales, the Prince and Bo Peep visit her to see what can be done. En route, a dragon pursues them and attacks Bo Peeps sheep. All is resolved, when Godfather issues invitations to the annual ball. Bo Peep's father slays the dragon and Bo Peep, ever devoted to her flock, decides to return to her nursery rhyme. The liberated Cinderella and the Prince, having attended the ball, are reunited and arrive back at the palace just before midnight. The fairy tale is back on track.


Players: 4 male 4 female


Cast: Cinderella, Ratty, Ermyntrude, Dorinda, The Prince Charming, Bo Peep, Bertie, Dad, 4 Sheep (n/s), The Dragon (n/s)


Sets: Various simple sets.


Period: The distant past


Running Time: 40 minutes


Notes: Notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Cinderellas Time Out


ISBN: ISBN 978-1-907307-30-0


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Cinderellas Time Out