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Sinbad & The Magical Mystery

by Simon Rayner Davis published May 2011. Updated February 2021


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

The sparkling new version of Sinbad is a traditional family pantomime that is especially suited to groups with lots of women and children, and is full of slapstick, silly jokes and songs by the Beatles with rewritten lyrics that cleverly enhance the plot.


Dragunda, the meanest and mightiest magician in the world, is looking to rule the universe but to do so must obtain three different feathers from three different birds on three mystical islands. However, only someone honest pure and true can undertake such a task which is where our hero Sinbad comes in. Dragunda kidnaps Princess Yasmin and will only release her when Sinbad has captured all three feathers. Along the way Sinbad, his mum Mrs Sinbad, Capn Pugh and his crew (who bear more than a passing resemblance to the Teletubbies) encounter adventures on the Isle of Juven, No Mans Land and Oomagoolee Island.


Players: 6 male 6 female 8 male or female


Cast: Sultan of Baghdad, Sultana, Grand Wazir, Princess Yasmin, Prudence, Jude, & Michelle (handmaidens), Mrs Sinbad (a poor widow), Sinbad (her son), Capn Pugh, Traders: Dinky Winky, Tipsy, Yah Yah & Poo, Dragunda (magician), Delii & Beli (his assistants), Ringo (Slave of The Ring), Chief Sunday, Monday (Witch Doctor), Lady Madonna (Queen Bee of No-Mans Land)


Sets: In and around Baghdad, on board the Fairy Queen, Isle of Juven, No Mans Land, Oomagoolee Island


Period: Whenever


Running Time: Two hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Sinbad & The Magical Mystery


ISBN: 978-1-907307-27-0


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Sinbad & The Magical Mystery