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Beauty & The Beast

by Bob Bishop published May 2011


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

A witty and inventive version of the familiar fairytale with an original score composed by Bob McNeil Watson and lyrics by the author.


The story is narrated by a Minstrel, of Gilbert Cornwallis, a wealthy merchant who gambles away everything he owns. A kindly widow, Aggie Bending, allows him and his three beautiful daughters to stay rent-free in her cottage in the country. Aggies son, Simon, returns from soldiering with a small fortune and courts each of Gilberts daughters, Patience, Charity and Beauty. Gilbert sets off to London to sell his last possession, a locket. On the way he rests for the night at Castle Beastly. The Beast, although fearsome in appearance, is a kind man at heart, but is furious when Gilbert steals a rose for his favourite daughter, Beauty. He allows Gilbert to leave only if he brings him as a hostage the first living creature to greet him on his return home. Guess who that turns out to be?


Players: 4 male 4 female 4 male or female (plus other minor characters)


Cast: The Minstrel, Gilbert Cornwallis (a merchant), Beauty, Patience & Charity (Gilberts daughters), Willie & Wally (the bailiffs), Aggie Bending (a widow), Simon (her son), Reuben Dwile (a countryman), The Beast, Mrs Fester (his servant).


Sets: Cornwallis house, market square, Castle Beastly


Period: 18th century England


Running Time: Two hours


Notes: Production notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Beauty & The Beast


ISBN: 978-1-907307-26-3


Home » Pantomime Scripts » Beauty & The Beast