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Two Tall Tales

A Comedy
by Ron Nicol published October 2010


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

'Two Tall Tales' concern the nonsensical and hilarious adventures of Victorian explorer Sir Henry Nearly.


Nearly Up the Pole sees the intrepid adventurer and his sidekick Mortimer Leeveme set out on a expedition to find the Pole - any pole. Led by expedition expediter Jules Goudeau (aka as Jessie Boggs) and hampered by husky Rowff, they merely encounter Henrys indomitable wife Henrietta and his irritating daughter Aurora. Nearly All At Sea accompanies the hapless pair on a voyage of discovery with Captain Codfish and Barnacle the Mate. Unluckily for them, the fabulous island they discover is simply the Isle of Wight, now inhabited by the vindictive Henrietta and irksome Aurora. The plays can be performed together or separately, and are suitable not only for young players of all ages - but for more mature performers.


Players: 2 male 2 female 2 male or female


Cast: The Narrator, Sir Henry Nearly, Mortimer Leeveme, Lady Henrietta, Aurora, (in Nearly Up The Pole) Jules Goudeau, (in Nearly All At Sea), Captain Codfish, Barnacle the Mate


Sets: Minimal


Period: Indeterminate


Running Time: Each play is about 40 minutes


Notes: An almost bare stage


Download Sample Script: Two Tall Tales


ISBN: 978-1-907307-17-1


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Two Tall Tales