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Summer Of Swallows, A

A Comedy
by Dave Buchanan published 2000


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 6.00

A comedy about an ex-teacher, who is newly retired. A chance meeting with his estranged daughter opens up new avenues.


Donald Willis, a new retiree, is a theatrical and a Marxist - a devoted fan of Groucho. Though he is happily married to Mary, his son Billy is a student activist and eco-warrior. As Donald and Mary are about to depart for Donald's retirement do, his estranged daughter Clare whom he hasn't seen for eleven years, arrives with his nine year-old granddaughter Janey. The attempted reconciliation between Donald and Clare stalls, and the situation is further complicated when Billy is arrested after a Monopoly demo. However, on the plus side is the developing bond between Donald and Janey, who shares her grandfather's interest in the theatre.


Players: 2 male 4 female


Cast: Mary Willis, Donald Willis, Billy Willis, Clare Smyth, Janey, WPC Smart


Sets: A living room


Period: Modern


Running Time: 90 minutes


Download Sample Script: Summer Of Swallows, A


ISBN: 978-1-907307-10-2


Home » Full Length Play Scripts » Summer Of Swallows, A