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Waiting For The Whale

A Drama
by Ron Nicol published November 2009


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

A one act play for three men and three women about a man making a point in a jobcentre - with a gun!


Jonah feels that life is treating him harshly and decides to speak out. He acquires a gun and makes a stand in his local jobcentre, hoping to attract attention and somehow change his life. His attempt is a total disaster, simply confirming that Jonah is condemned to be one of life's perpetual losers.


Players: 3 male 3 female 2 male or female


Cast: Alec, Jonah,Janet, Mike, Senga, Jez, Adviser, Client


Sets: A jobcentre


Period: Present


Running Time: 40 minutes


Download Sample Script: Waiting For The Whale


ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9560209-07-2


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Waiting For The Whale