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Pig Tale

A Comedy
by Ron Nicol published 2009


Suitable for All Groups

Price: 4.00

Pig Tale was shortlisted in the Youth section of the Drama Association of Wales One Act playwriting competition 2008, being described by the judge Angharad Elen as "by far the funniest play in the competition; the only play that made me laugh out loud, not once but several times. Ron Nicol has a wonderful and quirky sense of humour."


An updated re-telling of the tale of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. Mummy Pig throws the Three Little Pigs out into the big wide world to seek their fortunes. They have to cope with the demands of relating to others, gathering materials, building houses, and keeping the wolf from the door. The Narrator of the story finds he has his own problems to deal with in the shape of an insufferable Prompter and a wily and wilful Sheep. The play was written with youth groups in mind, but can equally well be played by more mature companies.


Players: 1 male 1 female 10 male or female parts


Cast: Narrator, Prompter, First Little Pig, Second Little Pig, Third Little Pig, Mummy Pig, The Sheep, Big Bad Wolf, Man or Woman With Straw, Man or Woman With Sticks, Man or Woman With Bricks, Police Officer


Sets: Variable


Period: Nursery land


Running Time: 40 minutes


Notes: The setting can be as simple or as elaborate as resources dictate.


Download Sample Script: Pig Tale


ISBN: ISBN 978-1-907307-05-8


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Pig Tale