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A Drama
by Mark Edwards published 2006


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

The drama speculates on what might have happened following the mysterious disappearance of Lord Lucan in 1974.


On the night of Thursday, 7 November 1974, Veronica Bingham ran into the Plumbers Arms, Belgravia, London, screaming that her husband had killed their children's nanny. What turned the murder of Sandra Rivett into one of the news stories of the decade was that the accused man was the seventh Earl of Lucan. The huge police investigation ignited by Lady Lucan's accusation as she staggered into the public house, bloodied and beaten from an attack on herself, failed to trace Lord Lucan's whereabouts. Within hours of the murder, he had simply vanished. 'Lucky' presents an imaginary scenario, where Lord Lucan fled to Africa following Sandra Rivett's murder. One year later, he arranges for a freelance journalist, unaware of who he is to meet, to fly out for a secret rendezvous.


Players: 3 Male, 1 Female Parts


Cast: Tom Wilshaw, Lord lucan, Lady Lucan, Mr Sevier


Sets: Split set: small flat in Central Africa, 46 Lower Belgrave Road, London


Period: Mid 1970s


Running Time: 40 Minutes


Notes: Production notes provided


Download Sample Script: Lucky


ISBN: 1-904930-82-4