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Hollywood Fairytale, A

A Comedy
by Aberdour Youth Theatre published 2007


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: 6.00

A fantasy comedy for youth groups.


A Hollywood Fairytale follows the story of the enigmatic S, a young film actress, and her relationship with an ageing diva, Donatella Lloyd-Fox. Set in a land of celebrities, therapists, botox and paparazzi, A Hollywood Fairytale recreates the age-old tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This piece of theatre has been created by Aberdour Players Youth Theatre through weekly sessions involving improvisation and discussion. The group were keen to create a piece of original theatre and, from an idea born in January 2007, they have worked together to create just that.


Players: 4 Male, 12 Female


Cast: Clinton Sunshine-Ray Junior Esquire, Brittney Hope Lovejoy, Donatella Lloyd-Fox, Lotty, Dr Stephanie Green, Chad Michael Charming, S, Grant, Phil, Jamie, Jo, Jane, Jackie, Josie, Jenna, Jenny Doc


Sets: Various locations, composite


Period: The Present


Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


Notes: Production notes including FX


Download Sample Script: Hollywood Fairytale, A


ISBN: 1-904930-88-3


Home » Full Length Play Scripts » Hollywood Fairytale, A