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Hansel & Gretel by Susan Mosley
This is a pantomime version of the well-known fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm.  It has all the elements needed for a fun-filled family show with gags, songs and barrels of laughter.  Along with the Principal Boy and Girl, the show has a Dame, an evil witch and her inept assistant, a comedy group of Wandering Minstrels and a troupe of Fairies.


Hansel & Gretel

Hansel, Gretel, Witch and Gingerbread House

Plot Summary
When Jacob the woodcutter and his wife Dorothea fall on hard times and agree to let the Fairies look after Hansel and Gretel it is the start of a great adventure.  Grotaboggatt the evil witch captures the children and imprisons them.  Fate seems to have dealt them a terrible injustice until Argan a handsome stranger agrees to rescue them.  Together with a group of Wandering Minstrels who have fallen on hard times and a trio of Fairies they set off on a perilous journey to the Witch’s house in the hope of finding Hansel and Gretel.  Will Hansel and Gretel be saved?  Will the dastardly plans of the evil witch be stopped in time?   As in all good fairy tales a happy ending is ensured.

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A picture from Bath Drama’s January production of Dick Whittington by Gill Morrell at the Rondo Theatre shows Jeremy Reece as Alderman Fitzwarren, Josie Palmer as Alice, Ryan Aherin as Dame Sarah, and Thomas Menezes as Idle Jack.

Dick Whittington

Sailors’ Hornpipe at the docks

“Classic Dick Whittington and his cat, but unclassically they get to Morocco after a shipwreck (cue very clever Davy Jones’ locker light effects). Naturally there’s a dame , a likeable fairy, Alderman Fitzwarren , villainous Queen Rat and a great Idle Jack.Throw in terrific sets, lavish costumes plus a live band, hero Dick , his amour Alice Fitzwarren, a hatful of other characters and what more could you want?”
(From Listomania Bath January 2017)

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Sherlock Holmes & the Poison Pen Letter by Simon Rayner Davis
The third in Simon Davis’s series of spoofs (The Fictional Five, Licensed To Thrill), this hilarious farce features the World-famous Detective, his sidekick Dr Watson, and his adversary, the Insane Arch-villain Moriarty.

Plot Summary
Holmes and Watson discover a dead body on their chaise longue.  A distressed actress Sarah Moaney bursts in to suggest it is her thumbless uncle, Justice Fingers.  But is it just an act, or part of Moriarty’s fiendish plot to eliminate the Great Detective? The play proceeds at breakneck speed via outrageous puns and plot twists to a denouement—of sorts that will leave you baffled but hugely entertained.

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