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You’ve seen the wonderful new Disney movie, now read the Spotlight panto version – and you have three to choose from!  They are by Ron Nicol, Bob Bishop and Stephen Curtis


1 Ron Nicol


Based on Madame Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont’s 18th Century version of the traditional story. Lively and full of humour, with lots of parts for women, even a pair of Ugly Sisters!

Plot Summary
Belle’s father has fallen on hard times, and on a journey to try to restore his fortunes he plucks a rose from a palace garden as a present for his daughter.

The palace belongs to an ugly Beast who demands a life in return for the rose, but Belle saves her father’s life by consenting to live in the palace. When she eventually falls in love with Beast, he is released from a magic spell and turns into a handsome prince.


ISBN 1 904930 84 0          

Get a sample now – Beauty & The Beast by Ron Nicol


Beauty & the Beast

Old Buckenham Players’ 2012 production


2 Bob Bishop


A witty and inventive version of the familiar fairytale with an original score by Bob McNeil Watson and lyrics by the author.

Beauty & the BeastPlot Summary
The story is narrated by a Minstrel, of Gilbert Cornwallis, a wealthy merchant who gambles away everything he owns. A kindly widow, Aggie Bending, allows him and his three beautiful daughters to stay rent-free in her cottage in the country. Aggie’s son, Simon, returns from soldiering with a small fortune and courts each of Gilbert’s daughters, Patience, Charity and Beauty. Gilbert sets off to London to sell his last possession, a locket. On the way he rests for the night at Castle Beastly. The Beast, although fearsome in appearance, is a kind man at heart, but is furious when Gilbert steals a rose for his favourite daughter, Beauty. He allows Gilbert to leave only if he brings him as a hostage the first living creature to greet him on his return home. Guess who that turns out to be?


ISBN 978-1-907307-26-3

Get a sample now – Beauty & The Beast by Bob Bishop


3 Stephen Curtis


The story’s beautiful, and so is the heroine. The hero’s beastly and he humour’s wicked. It’s a play when all wishes come true, especially the audience’s wish to be royally entertained!

Plot Summary
An elderly merchant wanders into a castle and is ambushed by a hideous beast. He dies unless he promises to return with whatever or whomever he first sets eyes on when he gets home.
Back home there are multifarious goings-on involving a poetical narrator, a country bumpkin, Myrtle the musical milkmaid and a pantomime cow called Pat – not to mention the merchant’s exquisite daughter Beauty and her two Ugly Sisters.
It is fated, of course, that the first thing the merchant sees is Beauty. Back she must go to the gloomy castle, the Beast and the wicked witch his mother. But Beauty is a little ray of sunshine and looks likely to upset all the witch’s plans. Then she sees in a magic mirror that her father is gravely ill at home. Hardly has she got back to her native village, however, than the same mirror shows her the Beast pining away. Back she goes again … and well you all know what happens …


ISBN 978-1-907307-57-7

Get a sample now – Beauty & The Beast by Stephen Curtis




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