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This is no re-hash of an old fairy story or folk tale but a refreshingly new concept ... and joyous family story. ... guaranteed to keep the audience in stitches. It's a must for societies looking afresh for a pantomime with a truly Scottish setting within which they will find myriad opportunity to implant local humour.
Amateur Stage, June 1999


Rob Roy The Panto

As ever with this adventurous writer this is a highly recommended script - even for we mere Sassenach mortals!
Amateur Stage, July 2003


The Magic Shoes

A well-crafted script. . . (will) appeal to the family audience with plenty of slapstick and one liners." - Scene, May 2004 "Panto (The Magic Shoes) went very well. Completely sold out both nights which surprised me since it wasn't one of the traditional stories! Cast liked the script very much and felt very comfortable with it. Perhaps you could pass that on to Mr Burgess! Audience reaction has been very positive also.
Jean Ross, Kemnay Players


Robin Hood & His Merry Men

The show exceeded all expectations. I was lucky enough to be able to cast the Merry Men with three characters that gelled beautifully. Will became camper with each rehearsal and performance, Little John became, if possible, thicker and Friar Tuck more unpredictable. Their scenes together were priceless and elevated them to comic heights. 'Let Me Incarcerate You' became a show-stopper of a number with the rest of the on stage cast performing as the backing group. All of the songs came over well and I couldn't see a dud part in any of the principal roles. I think that the authors deserve a round of applause for their creation, one that has provided our little group with many accolades and full houses. The purpose of the venture is to get families in the village involved, providing all of the expertise (except for the MD and one of the cast) from the village and at the same time raise money for the Village Hall Restoration Fund. All these have been accomplished, and as a debut Director, a feeling of great pride in the efforts of all of the participants. Now it's a case of what to do for next year!
Paul Green, Coaley ADS, Dursley, Glos


Molly Whuppie & The Double-faced Ogre

Funny, lively went down a treat with the audience.
Scene, 2002


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