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Santa's Christmas Carol

Wonderfully inventive nonsense follows as the two women are drawn closer in mutual understanding and sympathy. A light-hearted twist on the seasonal theme, pacy, funny and with two strongly written complimentary parts.


The Story of Snow White

It (The Story of Snow White) was fantastic ... our best one yet! (so I've been told) It was hard work as I produce and direct ... and also played the queen. We have children as young as 2 in it! The hard work definitely paid off so thank you very much.
Tori Caswell, Tori Productions, Worthing


Jack and The Beanstalk

A good, novel pantomime written with the family in mind, it's full of fun and frivolity, jokes and silly nonsense, with a good smattering of visual comedy. The only problem I had is that while it would be absolutely excellent for audiences above the border, it would need many words and phrases changed just slightly so that the average English audience can understand what is being said even though it does say in the front of the script that it "...must be played as per the script, and without alterations..." I feel that for English audiences it would need to be altered slightly. Of course, with written permission from the publisher.

There are a good number of musical numbers with 'suggestions' written in, which can be very useful if one can't think of a song to suit any particular moment in the play, although one isn't bound to use the suggested songs. There is plenty of opportunity to put in references to local events and places which is always good in a pantomime script and lots of audience participation, also a very important part of the whole evening's entertainment.

The characters are fun and there are plenty of them. The main characters have been written in such a way that each one of them will engender good rapport and feeling with the audience. I am sure English actors will love the characters once they have come to terms with the dialogue and what means. Cuddle, 'the Coo' is a very good character for a pair of actors and as long as they learn the part thoroughly and are directed well, it will be the star of the show. The same goes for the Dame, 'Clootie Dumpling', a typical panto dame with equal measures of warmth, love, feistiness and fun. The Baddie, Baron Boggin Bogle is sufficiently bad to get the audience worked up into a frenzy of fear and fright and with the cacophony of boos and hisses I can almost hear already I am sure mayhem will ensue.

The two Bouncers, Permatan Pete and Frankie Fakebake are two good characters in the traditional mould of the two nasty twits, and nasty twits they are too. The two posh folk, Facia Hoarse and Farquhar Snot make a nice change to the very broad Scottish accents that are required for the other characters.

The characters fit together well and the pace is kept up throughout the script; there appears to be no weak spots, so with good direction and positive dedication by the cast, a very good pantomime could be brought to life. I am certain I would enjoy watching this panto.

John Hicks, AS Magazine


The Magic Shoes

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new, talented writer.
Amateur Stage, June 2004


Treasure Island

Highly entertaining and challenging version ... A great swashbuckling plot and a feast of fun and adventure, fast-paced, and peppered with “Ha-hars” galore.
Amateur Stage, June 2006


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