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Baker Street Kids, The - The Case of the Riverbank Chase

I enjoyed the play, especially the scenes with the kids. Their dialogue and characterisation were first class. (The play) certainly captures the essence of the characters of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and Mrs Hudson, economically and effectively. A. Conan Doyle would have ebeen delighted with how well the spirit of the Baker Street stories has been captured in the play!
Sandy Glass,


The Spiriting of Burd Ellen

…a lovely play - a wonderful asset to children’s theatre …


Molly Whuppie & The Double-faced Ogre

Funny, lively … went down a treat with the audience.
Scene, 2002


The Scarlet Pumpernickel

From the very first moment, the audience was entertained by a traditional panto with a new angle.. . .it was full of laughs, thrills and lots of audience participation.
Darlington & Stockton Times,



Cinderella was performed over the weekend after 6 months of rehearsals. It was FABULOUS!!!!!!! I can't tell you how well it went down. Petunia's fake leg will go down in history as one of the great comedy moments. One addition you might enjoy was that after Lady Hardup asks if the Baron is on Viagra, they performed "You're The One That I Want", from Grease, just as J Travolta and Olivia Newton John did it, right down to the stubbing out of the cigarette. That stopped the show. Thank you so much for the script. It was superb.
Susan Pym, St Columbas Church, North London


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