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Stephen Curtis


Stephen Curtis His first play, Steadman’s Folly, won a national award in South Africa. His third, Hail Wedded Love, was staged at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town under the direction of Henry Goodman. Since 1988 Stephen has been a member of Bath Drama. Between 1993 and 2002 he wrote a series of eight pantos for the Club besides producing further work for indoor and open-air performances.
Stephen has worked as a university lecturer in English, a milkman, a call-centre operative, a lexicographer and publisher’s editor. He currently makes his living mainly by writing English-language schoolbooks for the Far Eastern market.
Stephen is married to Sally, whom he got to know while directing her in Love’s Labour’s Lost. He has three grown-up children by his previous marriage and two grandchildren.


Scripts by this Author


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Home » Authors » Stephen Curtis