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Jill Sumner


Moss Park, near Whithorn, in Dumfries & Galloway, was purchased by Jill and David Sumner in 1990. Both had a passion for theatre, and were inspired by the outbuildings at Moss Park to realise their dream of having their own theatre

. Over the next few years some informal play readings were arranged with friends and a small invited audience, and then (in May 1995) an evening of World War II songs and poetry to commemorate VE Day.

By that time the invited audience had grown from just three (at the first play reading) to around 30, with many others expressing interest, so they decided to take the plunge and become an official theatre - a performance space that could be used by local musicians and theatre groups, and visiting artists also.

Planning permission was granted just before Christmas 1995, and restoration work began in May 1996. There were five events over that first summer - verse and music, a Concert Party, a visiting choir and the Solway Festival Poets, and a new play by Jill - ‘The Last Post’, about the Battle of the Somme - in September. The Swallow Theatre was born.

Jill died in June 2001. The Swallow House was built after she died. The Burnet Room (used for interval refreshments, meetings, play readings and rehearsals) was opened by Jill's sister, Ann Hasler, in April 2004.

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Last Post, The - One Act Play Scripts - Drama - Adult Groups

A World War I drama written by Jill Sumner and first directed by her in the 1998 production at the Swallow Theatre Whithorn.

Home » Authors » Jill Sumner