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Fred Aylin



Born in Stamford Lincolnshire in 1945, Fred attended Stamford School and it was here during his teenage years that he was a member of the Stamford Operatic Society, the Stamford Gilbert & Sullivan Society and the Stamford Players who produced annual pantomimes.


His first taste of real drama occurred when he attended St John’s Teacher Training College in York. He had major parts in such productions as The Knight of the Burning Pestle ( Francis Beaumont ) and The Devils ( John Whiting ).


In subsequent years he performed with the Rutland 3 Arts Group and the Ashton Hayes Theatre Company in Cheshire.


It was in 1988 that he met Richard Coleman on a school exchange and they’ve been great friends ever since. Richard & Fred, along with John Capper (another teacher and lighting expert), formed The Really Useless Theatre Company. From 1990 to 2002 they co-produced twelve successful pantomimes involving ninety plus members and raised over £10,000 for local charities. After their fourth production, Richard informed Fred it was his turn to write the next one. And so in 1994 he began to write the first of four scripts, Sleeping Beauty.


In 2003 they decided it was time for a change and  turned their attention to staging melodramas and farces. Next year will be The Really Useless Company’s final production The Scramblings at Spriggly Torch. After that Fred hopes to start writing once again.







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Home » Authors » Fred Aylin