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Bailes and Hales


Robin Bales

Robin discovered the joys and abject miseries of writing comedy while at university and "Robin Hood" grew from his experiences there appearing in one bad panto after another. He has since moved away from acting for the most part to concentrate on writing and direction for stage and screen.

After nine years of writing everything from books to screenplays as an amateur he has finally bitten the bullet and given up all other work to live by writing alone.

He currently has a short musical film in production and a sitcom in development for the BBC.

His first feature film as screen writer, "Weekend Lovers" has just finished being filmed by Little Kieran Productions and is due out in December.


Jonathan Hales performed in many pantomimes before turning his hand to writing his own. His portrayal of Puddles the giant mute penguin was universally acclaimed and as a career highlight has been an influence on most of his work since.

He now lives in London where he has swapped pantomimes for reality television.


Scripts by this Author


Jack & The Beanstalk - Pantomime Scripts - All Groups

Bailes & Hales' second script, in the same inimitable style as Robin Hood, including parody lyrics to tunes by Abba, Village People, and Frank & Nancy Sinatra.

Robin Hood & His Merry Men - Pantomime Scripts - All Groups

A refreshing new take on the old legend, with Robin and his (very) camp followers, the Merry Men. It has two villains in the evil Prince John and the even eviller Sheriff of Nottingham, and an outrageous dame, Jemima Gusset. Add the authors' original lyrics to some well known songs(including two by Village People), and you have an hilarious mix of fun, music and adventure that is guaranteed to please. Plus, lots of cross-dressing!

Home » Authors » Bailes and Hales