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Protest Meeting, The - One Act Play Scripts

The play is set in a village hall where a meeting has been called by Geoff to protest about a proposal to knock down the pavilion on the village recreation ground. He is joined on the platform by a number of villagers representing local organisations who all have their own agendas. Pamela from the WI is more concerned with getting the refreshments organised. Mike from the Fete Committee is obsessed with its marquee and particularly with erecting it. Miss Smith, an idealistic schoolteacher, has some suggestions for the campaign slogan, while Ian, representing the Cricket Club is obsessed with - cricket. Tracy, the drama club rep, has vivid recollections of the pavilion: it was where, during a production of Little Red Riding Hood, she spent most of the time being pursued by the wolf, both on- and offstage. The play moves with humour towards a conclusion in which true motives and agendas are revealed. There are good solid character parts for three men and three women.


Cast: 3 Male, 3 Female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Gill Morrell » Protest Meeting, The