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The Cricket on the Hearth - One Act Play Scripts

When a mysterious stranger arrives, John Peerybingle suspects that his much younger wife Dot and the newcomer are secret lovers. Then Caleb Plummer's blind daughter Bertha, in love with Caleb's employer Tackleton, learns that Tackleton is about to marry her friend May Fielding. John makes a discovery that seems to confirm his suspicions, but that night the Cricket on the Hearth attempts to dismiss John's doubts with a series of visions. The mysterious stranger is Caleb's missing son Edward, who has returned to claim his childhood sweetheart May. Thanks to Dot's intervention, Edward marries May, Tackleton gives his blessing to the marriage, and John and Dot are finally reconciled.


Cast: 4 male 4 female 1 male or femal




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Ron Nicol » The Cricket on the Hearth