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Two Tall Tales 2 - One Act Play Scripts

Nearly Pulls It Off sees the intrepid adventurer and his incompetent associate Mortimer Leeveme set out with bungling Cap'n Codfish and feisty Barnacle the Mate on a quest to find the Lost Temple of Howjahdoodah. Followed by Henry's indomitable wife Henrietta, Mortimer's sweetly silly wife Aurora and a Tiger who thinks it's a rug, they manage to find the Lost Temple - or do they?

Nearly Up A Gum Tree sees the heroic explorer and his gallant follower exploring a desolate wilderness which bears a striking resemblance to the shrubbery at the bottom of Henry's garden. With Henry's authoritarian wife Henrietta, Mortimer's innocently trusting wife Aurora, Queenie the cook and Tweenie the maid hot on their trail, they make an exciting discovery.


Cast: 3 male 3 female 2 male or female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Ron Nicol » Two Tall Tales 2