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Excess Baggage - One Act Play Scripts

Four women, each carrying different kinds of baggage, go to the Secret Sanctuary Health and Beauty Spa looking for ways to lighten their load. The peace and tranquillity they are seeking is elusive. Pauline can't escape from the demands of her family, Hilary can't hide behind the face masks, Denise can't shake off her boardroom antics and Grace just can't connect. They are all at the mercy of Sonya, the Pilates teacher who is very much in control, and Tiffany, the Beauty Therapist who thinks every treatment is 'brilliant'! There is much humour as the six women collide in the changing room and tensions build to a climax. The outcome reveals some home truths, some touching moments and ultimately some strong female bonding.


Cast: 6 female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Nancy McPherson » Excess Baggage